Why we implemented Offline days at Codacy

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, like most people, we are facing a unique reality that is challenging us in many ways at the same time. We are being challenged personally:...
code review tools

What are Static Analysis Tools?

Static analysis tools are carried out on a software product in a non-runtime environment. This means that it is unnecessary to execute a program for the analysis tool to debug the software. Through this method,...

Difference between private and private[this]?

When using private and private do you know the difference? When adding the scope to the private modifier (private), it effectively behaves as a “up to” X, where X designates some enclosing package, class or...

Short Guide to Javascript Gotchas

This is a blog post of our Code Reading Wednesdays from Codacy (http://www.codacy.com): we make code reviews easier and automatic. Recently I have been working mostly in Javascript static code analysis and error detection. In...
Software development and remote work

Improve the efficiency of your remote engineering team

COVID-19 hit the ground running and the world felt the impact. Although tech companies seemed to be ahead of the curve by allowing their teams to work remotely, transitioning to full remote...