shared dashboards

Code Quality: Shared Dashboards

We realised how relevant it is for our users to continuously communicate about the status of code quality with their teams and colleagues.
code review checklist

How to create the perfect code review checklist

The best way to reduce the number of errors in your code is by creating a code review checklist that covers everything you’ve agreed on with your team.
How Codacy Streamlines Code Reviews

How Codacy streamlines code reviews

To increase the software code quality, peer code reviews are essential. This is because, as with writing in natural language, no one can find all the problems...
Static Code Analysis

Everything you need to know about static code analysis

At Codacy, we know that testing your code is one of the most important parts of the entire software development lifecycle — that’s why we’re working every day to build the world’s best code...
docker images

Five Ways to Slim Docker Images

Docker is a pretty awesome tool, I hope you’ll agree. With it, we can create environments for development, staging, production, and testing — or anything else — with next to no effort. What’s more, using Docker makes building environments far...