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Why coding standards matter

Coding standards aren't a clear-cut thing, as everyone has a different idea about them. There are some basic practices you can take into account.
Organization Coding Standards

Organization Coding Standards: Beta version is now live!

You spoke; we listened! We’re excited to announce that admins can now set organization coding standards in Codacy! 🎉 With this...
Google JavaScript style guide

How to implement Google JavaScript style guide with Codacy

No two developers write code the same way. Indeed, in a large team of developers, everyone codes with their own style...
Coding standards - what are they and why do you need them

Coding standards: what are they, and why do you need them

While often ignored, coding standards are crucial to creating a consistent and readable codebase.  Have you ever...
4 popular JavaScript style guides

4 popular JavaScript style guides that will help your team write...

A code style guide is a set of rules, standards, or best practices that outline how your team should write, format,...