technical debt

How To Reduce Technical Debt Using Code Review Tools

Technical debt is kind of like a debt you have to pay your landlord, but without anyone threatening to kick you out — instead, you end up with messy code.
code review process

Code review process: improved developer productivity

According to our survey of 680 developers, the code review process had an overall positive impact on developer productivity which we discuss below.  We...

What is code review and do I need it?

At Codacy, one of the questions we get the most is: “What is code review (and do I need it)?” With code review, a person or...

How to pay your technical debt?

TLDR: open source projects spend at least 15.27% of their time paying Technical Debt. That is almost a day per week. How much time should you...

Code Quality Threats and How to Solve Them

In the process of building Codacy, I’ve learned that software companies in different life stages have different needs in terms of code quality. Early startups...