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Blog cover we did an easter hackathon at Codacy

We Did a Hackathon!

We define ourselves as a startup, and while we proudly carry such a title, we also carry extraordinary responsibilities. After all, you mean to...
G2 summer 2022 report

G2 nominated Codacy as a High Performer in the Summer 2022...

Our users have spoken! We’re happy to announce that Codacy has been named a High Performer in G2’s Summer 2022 Report...
Lambda World partnership

Lambda World With Codacy & 47 Degrees

If you are a functional programming aficionado you will be very pleased regarding our partnership for Lambda World conference. Lambda World Partnership We’re pleased to announce...
Automate code quality website planet

Automate Your Code Quality With Codacy – Website Planet

Jaime Jorge is a co-founder of Codacy – an automated code review that helps developers save time in code reviews and to tackle the...
This is how we accelerate with quality engineering

This is how we accelerate with Quality Engineering

On July 14th, we did a webinar called This is how we accelerate with Quality Engineering. Guest...