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How Codacy Streamlines Code Reviews

How Codacy streamlines code reviews

To increase the software code quality, peer code reviews are essential. This is because, as with writing in natural language, no one can find all the problems...
Best practices for regular experssions

Regular Expressions: Best Practices

Pretty much every main programming language supports Regular Expressions, and many static analysis tools have patterns that relate to regular expressions. So before you look, tell us: would you expect these patterns to be the...

Cross Programming Languages Best Practices

We want to focus on cross programming best practices as often it seems like best practices are tied to a specific programming language.  However, some of them seem to have crossed boundaries and have...

Source line of code (SLOC) – what’s best for productivity?

“Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.” - Bill Gates This discussion of SLOC, or, source line of code (which is also known as lines of code, or, LOC) — is a...
immutability in scala

Why use Try instead of Scala Try Catch

Scala try catch is always an option when writing Scala code for Java like exception control flows. However, you also have the option of start using the Try type. Scala try catch vs Try Try was introduced...