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What Programming Languages need Code Reviews?

This is a blog post of our Code Reading Wednesdays from Codacy (http://www.codacy.com): we make code reviews easier and automatic. We launched Codacy for private beta a week ago with a simple value proposition: save...
Code Review Etiquette

Code Review Etiquette

Code review etiquette follows similar parameters as polite, social behavior. Etiquette: noun | et·i·quette the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group synonyms: protocol, manners, accepted behaviour, rules...

Software Trends — 1964 to today

It’s easy to forget that some of the software trends, technologies, tools and methodologies that we take for granted today haven’t been around for long. On the other hand, some of today’s novelties have...

Code coverage best practices (Part I)

In the most basic sense, code coverage is a way of using analytics to get an idea of how well an application has been tested...

Dear Ryan, we’re with you. Have our Axe!

Dear Ryan, at Codacy we are all big fans of what you and your team are building. Your latest post inspired us and we also think it’s an important issue. You’re not alone, and we want to...