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Dear Ryan, we’re with you. Have our Axe!

Dear Ryan, at Codacy we are all big fans of what you and your team are building. Your latest post inspired us and we also think it’s an important issue. You’re not alone, and we want to...
postgresql update

Visualizing Scala Code Style

This blog on Scala code style is based on a presentation done on ScalaBay Introduction One of the reasons I am fascinated with Scala is the combination of bleeding edge experimentation, performance computation and reactiveness and...
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Effective Scala Guide To Apply To Open Source Projects

After allowing our users to simply enforce the Official Scala Style Guide on their projects, we are now very pleased to announce that we released the Effective Scala Standard on Codacy. Effective Scala was created...
immutability in scala

Why use Try instead of Scala Try Catch

Scala try catch is always an option when writing Scala code for Java like exception control flows. However, you also have the option of start using the Try type. Scala try catch vs Try Try was introduced...
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Scala Style: The Official Open Source Project Guide

Since we love Scala at Codacy we have developed our code analysis platform around it. Our love comes from having full power over a very expressive language but still being able to perform at scale. Scala...