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immutability in scala

Why Scala Is Our Programming Language of Choice

We truly love Scala. Scala has been one of the pillars of Codacy from the start. Joao, who has an Enterprise Java background, has loved the language from the beginning and we’ve since taught...
code review checklist

Your Static Code Analysis Guide

Errors - A word that is not so peaceful in the world of developers and software development. So, without any doubt, developers work hard to overcome these errors as well as find methods to...
software metrics

Software metrics: a practical guide for the curious developer

TL;DR: We’ve released an ebook, free to download for all: Software Metrics: A Practical Guide for the Curious Developer. It’s for developers in a hurry — or their managers — who want a practical list of useful software...
Code Review Etiquette

Code Review Etiquette

Code review etiquette follows similar parameters as polite, social behavior. Etiquette: noun | et·i·quette the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group synonyms: protocol, manners, accepted behaviour, rules...

Code Review vs. Testing

Among coding best practices, code review vs. testing are often compared. Here’s what you need to know about each. What are Code Reviewing and Testing? Code Review Code refers to the act of inspecting code; this can be...