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7 drawbacks of linting tools

Linting tools (also known as linters or static analyzers) help automate the code review process. They perform basic static code analysis by flagging programming...
Top 10 ways to perform fast code reviews

Top 10 ways to perform fast code review

We always want to be fast at code review.. How frequent is it for you to be reviewing code at 3am? When code reviewing, do you...

How to code review in a Pull Request

This blog discusses how to code review within a pull request in order to improve your code quality. What...
ISO_IEC 25010 Software Quality Model

ISO/IEC 25010 Software Quality Model

Code quality frameworks describe code quality characteristics and their decomposition. For Enterprise software development, one model stands out: the ISO/IEC 25010, which...
5 Ways to Slim Docker Images

Five Ways to Slim Docker Images

Docker is a pretty awesome tool, I hope you’ll agree. With it, we can create environments for development, staging, production, and testing — or anything else — with next...