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8 more Scala security issues you should know about

We recently published a list of 9 Scala security issues every Scala developer should be aware of. Here’s a list of 8 more: 1. Avoid implementing dangerous Regexs Regular expressions (regexs) are frequently subject to Denial...
12 factor app

How to implement 12-factor a configuration for Java

With application development and deployment changing, this post will cover how to apply the 12-factor app methodology to Java applications using Typesafe Config. One of the most used configuration libraries for Java is Typesafe Config....

Automated Code Review with Static Code Analysis

One of the most common questions I have to answer software engineers when talking about Codacy is “Automated Code Review? Really? How can this work?”. (Peer) Code Reviews established itself as one the common best...
static types

An In-Depth Explanation of Code Complexity

By reducing complexity, we can reduce the number of bugs and defects, along with its lifetime cost. Yet, what exactly is complex code?
How Codacy Streamlines Code Reviews

How Codacy streamlines code reviews

To increase the software code quality, peer code reviews are essential. This is because, as with writing in natural language, no one can find all the problems...