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Learn Kotlin: Shortcuts

Learning Kotlin was something I thought about. Recently I decided to give it a try. And I’m so excited that I have! If you are...
How to use an external NFS server with Codacy

How to use an external NFS Server with Codacy

Part of my job as a Solutions Engineer at Codacy is to help customers performing on-prem installations.
postgresql update

7 Best Practices: Working with Freelancers & Outsourced Developers

Freelancers and outsourced developers have become more regular parts of the team for many using Codacy. There are some best practices we learned to...
Onboard to Codacy

How to effectively onboard your organization to Codacy

Using a static code analysis tool like Codacy will change how your team deals with code reviews and PR, tracks technical debt...
coding problem

Automate Code Review with Static Code Analysis

One of the most common questions from software engineers regarding Codacy is “Automate Code Review? Really? How can this work?” (Peer) Code Review established itself...