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Best practices for regular experssions

Regular Expressions: Best Practices

Pretty much every main programming language supports Regular Expressions, and many static analysis tools have patterns that relate to regular expressions. So before you look, tell us: would you expect these patterns to be the...
immutability in scala

Scala: Learn to walk before you fly (Part 2)

Part 2 - Building immutability Welcome back to Part 2! In Part 1 we saw Scala as a language that facilitates and drives you towards the functional world. Functional programming has a lot of advantages,...
code review

How to code review in a Pull Request

This blog discusses how to code review within a pull request in order to improve your code quality. What are Pull Requests? For those unfamiliar, pull requests are used to get peer approval before changes are...
12 factor app

12-Factor App Configuration: how to for Java

With application development and deployment changing, we'll cover how to use 12-factor app configuration for Java applications using Typesafe Config. Typesafe Config One of the most...

Learn Kotlin: Shortcuts

Learning Kotlin was something I thought about. Recently I decided to give it a try. And I’m so excited that I have! If you are unfamiliar with Kotlin, it’s a newer programming language that has...