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docker images

Five Ways to Slim Docker Images

Docker is a pretty awesome tool, I hope you’ll agree. With it, we can create environments for development, staging, production, and testing — or anything else — with next to no effort. What’s more, using Docker makes building environments far...

Learn Kotlin: Shortcuts

Learning Kotlin was something I thought about. Recently I decided to give it a try. And I’m so excited that I have! If you are unfamiliar with Kotlin, it’s a newer programming language that has...

Code Review Best Practices: The Ultimate Guide to Code Review eBook (for anxious VPs...

We’ve released an ebook, free to download for all: The Ultimate Guide to Code Reviews for the anxious VPs of Engineering, based on a survey of 680+ developers focused on code review best practices. If...

Configure Codacy: Use Your Own Conventions

We show you how to Configure Codacy in this blog post originally written by Saptak Sengupta. Saptak is a full stack developer in FOSSASIA and a participant in Google Summer of Code 2016 under...
How to make the Scala compiler review your code

How to make the Scala compiler review your code

This is a blog post by our own Pedro Rijo on how to make the Scala compiler help you in reviewing your code. The original post can be found here. Code review has become one...