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programming languages comments

Programming languages: comparison of Best Practices, comments

Every main programming language implements comments and every developer out there has written at least a few (comments, not languages). What are the best practices regarding comments according to static analysis tools? Comments Steve McConnell wrote in...
Best practices for regular experssions

Regular Expressions: Best Practices

Pretty much every main programming language supports Regular Expressions, and many static analysis tools have patterns that relate to regular expressions. So before you look, tell us: would you expect these patterns to be the...

8 more Scala security issues you should know about

We recently published a list of 9 Scala security issues every Scala developer should be aware of. Here’s a list of 8 more: 1. Avoid implementing dangerous Regexs Regular expressions (regexs) are frequently subject to Denial...
coding problem

Automate Code Review with Static Code Analysis

One of the most common questions from software engineers regarding Codacy is “Automate Code Review? Really? How can this work?” (Peer) Code Review established itself as a common best practice in modern software engineering workflows....

What is Code Coverage?

What is Code Coverage? A measure that describes the degree to which code has been tested. The higher the Code Coverage of a project, the more thoroughly tested it has been, and thus the chance of...