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Product updates on our static analysis tool including additional language support, integrations, enterprise features, new technology platforms, dashboard enhancements and more.

For more on our product check out Codacy’s product page.

python static analysis

Introducing Python Support

We're thrilled to introduce Python support, our new feature Weโ€™re very excited to be introducing Python support to our collection of already supported programming languages. Weโ€™ve added Pylint which runs on every commit and provides you...

April Product Update: New features and improvements, a recorded Codacy Analysis CLI webinar and...

Here are the product updates from April! This month we bring you new features, product improvements, a recorded Codacy Analysis CLI webinar we held, and more interesting reads. ๐Ÿ™Œ We also always share our public...
code review

Ramp up code analysis: introducing on-demand buttons

Weโ€™re excited to give you full control over Codacy code analysis. Starting today, you can take charge of when Codacy analyzes commits and pull requests. Once Codacy analyzes a commit, you can now issue a Reanalysis....
github apps

Introducing GitHub Apps for improved user access control

We are very excited to announce our recent migration to GitHub Apps to improve the experience of GitHub Cloud users. Now, you have better control over the level of access granted to...
php testing

Introducing Codacy for PHP projects and easier file ignore

Starting today, you can put Codacy to work on your PHP projects. Weโ€™re also putting into production an interface for you to easily ignore files and folders. These two features follow a big amount of great...