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Product updates on our static analysis tool including additional language support, integrations, enterprise features, new technology platforms, dashboard enhancements and more.

For more on our product check out Codacy’s product page.


Webhook Notifications: Introducing Hipchat, Slack and more

Webhook notifications now available with Codacy can help developers communicate better and seamlessly. Starting now, you can start receiving notifications from Codacy on your Hipchat,...
Software development and remote work

Improve the efficiency of your remote engineering team

COVID-19 hit the ground running and the world felt the impact. Although tech companies seemed to be ahead of the curve by...

How Lead time can improve your time-to-market

Wondering how you can use Lead time to improve your time-to-market? We’re happy to announce the release of a new dashboard that...
Unity support now live

Great news: Unity support is now live!

You spoke; we listened! So, finally, after some wait, we’re excited to announce that Codacy Quality now supports Unity through client-side...
July 2022 Product Updates

July Product Update πŸš€

Hi there πŸ‘‹, We hope you're having a great time over the holidays if that's your case...