codacy 2020 wrapped

2020, It’s a wrap! 🎊

Looking back at 2020, it has been a year of change and innovation for Codacy. We became fully remote and will continue to be,...
python static analysis

Introducing Python Support

We're thrilled to introduce Python support, our new feature We’re very excited to be introducing Python support to our collection of already supported programming languages. We’ve...
BLOG - February 2022 Product Update

February Product Update πŸš€

Hi there πŸ‘‹, We hope you are well in these challenging times and continue to ship code...
April 2022 Product Update

April Product Update πŸš€

Hi there πŸ‘‹, Here are some exciting news from April! We have a major announcement, so keep...
Codacy Quality

Codacy Quality: the best solution to ship higher-quality code

Did you know that the average developer spends 42% of their week working on code maintenance? Although unplanned work will always...