Software development trends for 2022

22 software development trends for 2022

What does next year have in store for the ever-evolving software world? Here are our 22 software development trends for 2022

Now Available. Centralized view of security issues & risk within Codacy

Codacy is empowering engineering teams to bring their security auditing process to the surface. Today we're giving all Codacy...
software vulnerabilities

Fix Software Vulnerabilities With Static Code Analysis

There have been numerous high profile security breaches in recent years that may have been avoided had software vulnerabilities been more effectively addressed. Breaches...
What is DevSecOps

What is DevSecOps? Shift security left in your DevOps lifecycle

Security is becoming more and more relevant in software development. This article discusses DevSecOps, an approach that integrates security from the...

Actionable fixes for everyone. AI now generally available for all Codacy...

0 We are excited to announce the general availability of Codacy AI, designed to enhance development workflows and improve...