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Read tips to help you boost application security and write secure code with secure data.


ESLint compromised: security

On July 12th 2018, a issue was created in the eslint-scope repository. After some analysis, it is clear that this is a bigger issue than what was initially considered.
software vulnerabilities

Fix Software Vulnerabilities With Static Code Analysis

There have been numerous high profile security breaches in recent years that may have been avoided had software vulnerabilities been more effectively addressed. Breaches...
OWASP Top 10

OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and how can Codacy help

Shipping reliable and secure applications is vital for today’s organizations. Adopting security recommendation frameworks helps structure and systematize how you build...
secure code review

User Data Encryption in Play2

Recent news shows the importance of data encryption.  For instance, the attack on MongoHQ showed how OAuth might be exploited if not properly handled....
What is DevSecOps

What is DevSecOps? Shift security left in your DevOps lifecycle

Security is becoming more and more relevant in software development. This article discusses DevSecOps, an approach that integrates security from the...