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7 drawbacks of linting tools

Linting tools (also known as linters or static analyzers) help automate the code review process. They perform basic static code analysis by flagging programming errors, bugs, style issues, and security vulnerabilities before code is compiled and actually runs. The overall aim is to improve software quality and reduce costs. While integrating these tools into your workflow is largely beneficial, some drawbacks...

Using the API to add Codacy Grade details to the Readme

codacy api grade readme
Some context Codacy has a badge mechanism that can be included in your Readme file. It gives you an idea of the grade of your repository, from A to F, but sometimes that’s just not enough. Fortunately, the new Codacy V3 API gives us a lot of new endpoints with useful information. In order to learn more about API consumption on pipelines, I’ve purposed myself...

March Product Update: Support for Cloud Infrastructure-as-code, Custom Reports with API endpoints & more 🚀

Here are some fresh updates from March! This month we bring you a new product offering, new features, and product updates, interesting reads, and more community news 🙌 We also always share our public product roadmap so you can check the features and updates that are in progress and the ones that will be coming out soon, as well as...

Top 10 ways to perform fast code review

Top 10 ways to perform fast code reviews
We always want to be fast at code review.. How frequent is it for you to be reviewing code at 3am? When code reviewing, do you find yourself thinking: “I mentioned this before.. We should have some sort of process”. We keep learning a lot with our user base which currently supports more than 200 000 developers. A big aspect is how developers...

Interview with Gary McKay, Somos’ Director of Agile Service Delivery

somos interview case study
Somos is a proven leader in registry management and data solutions. Somos fosters meaningful connections by delivering value, innovation and confidence to consumers. We have talked with Gary McKay, Somos’ Director of Agile Service Delivery, to better understand what made the company opt for Codacy as their automated code review tool, what were their main needs, the key issues...