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OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and how Codacy helps to address them

code security
In today’s modern, digitized world, security is more important than ever to respond to growing threats. Every web application comes with system vulnerabilities, and every company should be aware of the possible security risks present in their current web applications. There is a multitude of tools available online that can help you and your business determine exactly what code...

2020, It’s a wrap! 🎊

codacy 2020 wrapped
Looking back at 2020, it has been a year of change and innovation for Codacy. We became fully remote and will continue to be, we introduced offline days, developed our Codacy CLI, and brought a new product to market, Pulse!  We wanted to share a bit of that excitement with you, with the highlights of our year in review, and...

Migrating to React: Typed named routes in react-router and Typescript

migrating to react
INTRODUCTION If you’re a regular user of Codacy, you might have noticed a few changes over the course of this year on some pages. We’re currently in the process of migrating our entire product’s UI to React, gradually, and doing our best to make this process transparent for the user. But as you might wonder by now, this is not...

Introducing Pulse to help companies achieve elite engineering performance

Guide your engineering to elite performance pulse
At Codacy, we envision a future where everyone can impact the world by crafting complex software with confidence and focus at the speed of thought. In the spirit of this vision, we want to find new ways to help teams build software. Up until now, we were focused on helping developers and their managers standardize code quality during specific steps...

First QA Engineer in a Startup

qa engineer
This is the story of how I joined a startup as the first QA Engineer in the company.  My name is Bruno Medley, I'm a software tester, and I joined Codacy in March of 2018. The main difference between this company and the ones where I had previously worked is that it was my first startup. It was also the...