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Pulse October Update: All teams aboard 🚢

Hello there 👋, This month, we've shipped a new set of features in our new product Pulse, designed to help your team stay on course on their journey to Elite performance. Share dashboards with teammates 🤝 Make sure everyone on your team has visibility over...

September Product Update 🚀

September Product Update
Hello there 👋, Welcome to the last three months of 2021! It has been a fast ride, hasn't it? Yet there is still time to finish those projects that you've been focusing on 💪 Here are a few product updates from September that we've been working on to improve your experience.

August Product Update 🚀

Hello there 👋, Welcome back to work 🎉 (if that's the case); we are sure your team missed you. If you are still on leave, we hope you make the most out of your week. 🌴 Find below the product updates from August. More flexibility into the Quality...

July Codacy Product Update 🚀

Codacy July Product Updates
Hello there 👋, We hope you’re having a great time over the holidays 🏖️ (if that's the case). Here are the Codacy product updates from July! Read below to find what the new features and product improvements are and more interesting news in the industry. Code Patterns...

June Product Update: Bulk copy of patterns, new tools, and more. 🚀

June Product Update
Hi there 👋, If you don't receive our monthly newsletter, here's another chance to see what we've been up to during June. This month we bring you new features, product improvements, and more interesting news to come. 🤩 Bulk copy of patterns between repositories - Released 🙌 You can now...