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Introducing Codacy for PHP projects and easier file ignore

php testing
Starting today, you can put Codacy to work on your PHP projects. We’re also putting into production an interface for you to easily ignore files and folders. These two features follow a big amount of great feedback we had from you. We’re really fortunate to have you using the platform and helping us every day making it better. PHP We’ve been studying hard...

Open for business

The last couple of months have been good to us. We launched Codacy last November with the announcement of our seed round. We launched in private beta to make sure we were doing something useful and to fine tune the experience of our early adopters. To our surprise, we had great reception from a brilliant group of developers. We heard and tried to...

Typed actors with routing

This is a blog post of our Code Reading Wednesdays from Codacy (http://www.codacy.com): we make code reviews easier and automatic. A few weeks ago we wrote about typed actors and how we built our architecture around them. This week we are going to explain how we use them with routing to scale our system. With Typed Actors, like with normal Actors,...

Introducing Python Support

python static analysis
We're thrilled to introduce Python support, our new feature We’re very excited to be introducing Python support to our collection of already supported programming languages. We’ve added Pylint which runs on every commit and provides you python analysis results. Python support comes after the interest of many users and big companies that we are very proud to have on board. Our execution of...

Understanding Database Isolation Levels

Transaction Management is an essential mechanism of relational Database Management Systems. They allow for concurrency whilst maintaining the ACID properties: Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability. They are used to control and maintain the integrity of each action in a transaction, despite errors that may occur in the system. Understanding the various isolation levels and choosing the one that fits your...