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Pulse end of Open Beta and new pricing




I’m excited to announce we’re introducing a new pricing model to our Pulse product.

Since we launched Pulse, we’ve been humbled by the reception and adoption of our product. Given our privileged position of serving close to 1000 customers, we suspected that development teams needed a way to measure their Engineering performance. What we didn’t know was how painful the lack of measurement was. More than 30 companies using Pulse every week have understood more about their business.

The introduction of pricing to this product allows us to sustainably serve our customers and to be accountable for providing you a reliable and valuable service.

The essential details

Our new product, Pulse, is transitioning from Open Beta into a paid product on July 5th 2022. To continue getting up-to-date metrics, you’ll need to choose one of the available paid subscription models until September 1st 2022.

We’re offering you a one-year 20% discount to thank you and everyone who participated in the Open Beta by contributing with feedback, which was paramount for the development of Pulse.

If your current Codacy Yearly subscription includes early access to Pulse, you will continue to have access until your next Codacy subscription renewal.

For everything else, this change does not impact Codacy’s pricing in any way.

How we think about value and pricing

A key value for us at Codacy is Transparency, and so when defining our pricing model we kept that in mind. We ended up with a self-service-first, pay-as-you-go model based on the number of active developers on your team. In essence, you’ll be able to subscribe and unsubscribe at any time without the need to talk to our team, and, how much you pay is automatically adjusted to the size of your team every month.

This model offers three key advantages:

  1. Keeps the integrity of the metrics that the product measures, avoiding scenarios where missing seats could compromise their actual value;
  2. It is predictable since it’s based on the number of active developers, a metric that is stable and that you control;
  3. Reduces the toil of acquiring, assigning, and cleaning up seats when teams change.

The pricing model in more detail

The base Pro plan is priced at $12 per month per active developer. Active developers represent the number of developers analyzed by the product within the subscription period. See our rules to count active developers.

The Pro plan includes:

  • 10k integration events
  • 1 year of data retention, and
  • a one-time 3 months historical data import.

These can be tailored to your needs with an adjustment to the price, through the Custom plan. Contact our Sales team if you think you require more capacity.

What about existing Codacy customers?

There will be no changes to Codacy’s pricing model. Pulse is priced as an additional subscription service that you opt in to.

Codacy Inc offers both products, so you can start using Pulse using the same payment method, contract terms, and invoicing that you already have.

What’s next?

These options will be available from July 5th. We’ll reach out to all of our users to help them with the migration. As always, we’re available to help you with any questions you might have.

We’re very excited about entering the next stage of Pulse’s life.

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