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How enterprises standardize code quality with Codacy




We’ve recently posted some case studies of enterprise customers using our static analysis tool that we encourage you to check out. These companies span sectors including workplace software, data security and open source tooling. They all use Codacy to standardize code quality across their organizations and gain quick feedback upon every pull request. This ultimately saves time and money.

Here’s an overview of the customer stories with links to read more.

OC Tanner

OC Tanner is a global leader in software and services that improve workplace culture. It provides services to thousands of respected companies around the world and handles HR data for many Fortune 500 companies. Security and reliability are paramount.  

Engineering team

OC Tanner’s 100 engineers span two countries. They primarily use Scala, Java, JavaScript, and Ruby.

Codacy results – 60% cost savings  

Codacy’s integrated fully automated solution provides clear, quantifiable metrics for OC Tanner’s clients bringing cost savings of over 60%. In most cases Codacy tracked down issues in less than 10% of the time of the very expensive suite of tools that OC Tanner previously used for code quality. 


Barracuda Networks 

Barracuda Networks specializes in security, application delivery and data protection. It uses Codacy to identify inconsistent codebase to help ease implementation and meet security standards across the company worldwide.

Programming languages

Since Codacy supports Barracuda’s 24+ programming languages the product teams did not need to pick and choose among automated code review tools. However, Go, C++, C, JavaScript, PHP and Python are among the most popular languages in Barracuda’s stack. 

Codacy results – lightened workload  

Codacy integrates directly into Bitbucket, Barracuda’s version control system. It scans microservices for coding issues and analyzes test coverage to identify problems like complexity and drops in code coverage upon every pull request. Using Codacy to standardize code quality significantly lightened the workload of Barracuda’s product team.


Netdata, an open-source monitoring and troubleshooting tool, uses Codacy to standardize code base and build trust among its community. Developers, DevOps engineering teams and system administrators at places like IBM, Slack and Amazon use Netdata.

Technology stack

Although C, Python, Go, ShellScript and JavaScript are used primarily, Netdata needed an automated code review tool that spanned multiple programming languages. This would help serve the extensive community volunteering time and expertise to grow its open source product. 

Codacy results – automated, comprehensive test suite

Codacy integrates with other tools, including Coverity and LGTM, that Netdata already uses in its Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. Together, these three tools provide a comprehensive modern test suite.  

Codacy executes security checks and identifies code quality issues immediately whereas with other tools the team often waits overnight. Netdata’s COO Chris Akritidis stresses the importance of Codacy’s quick feedback:

“Codacy ensures that we have a quality code base, for an open source project that is invaluable. The fact that you can get that immediate feedback while you are trying to commit your changes saves a lot of time.”

Other enterprise benefits

In addition to standardizing code quality and other benefits summarized above, Codacy helps engineers stay up to date on best practice and provides organizational transparency to increase product ownership. Through increased awareness and productivity it also decreases response time to issues.

OC Tanner, Barracuda and Netdata, like Codacy’s other customers, will continue and expand upon their use of Codacy. For instance, Barracuda is experimenting integrating Codacy with Github (it primarily uses Bitbucket at this point). Netdata may also explore using Codacy for its local language specific linters to replace some it is currently using.

More customer case studies

Want to explore more use cases of Codacy? Read more case studies from our enterprise customers.


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