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Group 370
Jaime Jorge

Jaime Jorge

Codacy CEO and Cofounder

evolving devsecops
Evolving DevSecOps to Protect Against New Threats Associated with AI and ML
It’s genuinely hard to overstate AI's effect on software security. Even taking away AGI and the paperclip problem, AI opens up so many new vectors for...
into the breach
Into the Breach: Business Survival in the Age of Accelerating Cyber Threats
We spend around $215 billion per year on cybersecurity between vendors, practices, and tools, and this has been increasing.
app sec and CI/CD
AppSec in the Age of Continuous Integration and Deployment
There is a core benefit to moving to continuous integration in your development pipeline.
web application security
Building a Proactive Defense: The New Frontier in Web Application Security
Application security is reactive. We wait for a new zero-day, or new entry on CVE, or until an incident occurs directly to us, and then scramble to...
every code review is a security review
Every Code Review Is a Security Review
If you had a mission statement for your engineering team, it would probably emphasize delivering features, functionality, and value for users.
Code Quality Explained
Ask 10 developers what code quality means, and you’ll get 15 different answers.
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