Codacy Product Showcase: April 2024

Group 370

Codacy Security Adds Thousands of New SAST Rules With Semgrep Integration

Group 370
secure coding standards in agile
The Critical Role of Secure Coding Standards in Agile Development
A relentless escalation in the frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks marks the global cybersecurity landscape. In 2022, we saw over 25,000...
OWASP Explained: Secure Coding Best Practices
From global finance to daily communication, software underpins every aspect of modern life. That's why a single data breach can shatter user trust,...
Software Composition Analysis (SCA): A Complete Guide
Say you want to make a pizza from scratch. You have to combine ingredients like flour, yeast, water, tomato sauce, cheese, and any other topping you...
Navigating the World of SAST: What is Static Application Security Testing?
Static application security testing (SAST) is a core component of robust DevSecOps. By analyzing source code, bytecode, or binaries to pinpoint...
Cyclomatic Complexity: A Complete Guide
Imagine you're driving through a complex intersection with multiple traffic lights and lanes. Each traffic light represents a decision point where you...
code complexity
Code Complexity: A Complete Guide
Picture a city skyline, where skyscrapers rise over time. In the urban sprawl, new buildings are erected to meet the demands of population growth,...

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