Codacy Product Showcase: April 2024

Group 370

Codacy Security Adds Thousands of New SAST Rules With Semgrep Integration

Group 370

Codacy Platform

product showcase january 2024
Codacy Product Showcase January 2024
Welcome to the first quarterly Codacy Product Showcase event of 2024! We’re excited to share with you all our recent enhancements and innovations to...
Codacy Security Adds Thousands of New SAST Rules With Semgrep Integration
If 2023 taught us anything, it’s that code quality and code security are inextricably linked. Their main commonality? They are both required upstream...
DORA metrics
A Guide to DORA Metrics and Accelerating Software Delivery
Measuring performance is complex. Engineering managers must understand how individual contributors are performing and how the team combines to produce...
python static analysis tools
A Guide to Popular Python Static Analysis Tools
Python, known for its readability and versatility, has become a programming language of choice for many developers. As projects grow in complexity,...
organization manager role
New Organization Manager Role and Language Support Added
Our new organization manager role represents a huge step in our mission to tailor platform access to the needs and preferences of our customers.
codacy intelligence dashboard
How Our CSMs Use Data to Improve Customer ROI
There is an odd thing about “customer success” in most companies. It’s rarely about customer success.It is mostly about retroactively responding to...

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