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organization manager role
New Organization Manager Role and Language Support Added
Our new organization manager role represents a huge step in our mission to tailor platform access to the needs and preferences of our customers.
codacy intelligence dashboard
How Our CSMs Use Data to Improve Customer ROI
There is an odd thing about “customer success” in most companies. It’s rarely about customer success.It is mostly about retroactively responding to...
New Security and Risk Management Features Now Available
A few months ago, we debuted our security and risk management dashboard, which gives our customers a unified control plane for identifying and fixing...
Try Out Our New Coverage Pipeline Featuring Diff Coverage
Timely and constructive feedback in the pull request (PR) flow is essential to maintaining code quality and fostering a culture of continuous...
New Pull Request Coverage Diff View Is Live
Developers often struggle to find and keep track of uncovered lines in their pull requests (PRs). Our latest feature, the Pull Request Coverage Diff...
Codacy VS Code Extension Now Available
Every developer has a favorite integrated development environment (IDE) to work in, and Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is definitely among the most...

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