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Compliance Through Code Quality: How Codacy Helps Keep InsideTracker’s Sensitive Customer Data Secure
InsideTracker (Segterra) is a personalized health analytics platform that examines and tracks key body biomarkers to create custom wellness guides for...
Now Available. Centralized view of security issues & risk within Codacy
Codacy is empowering engineering teams to bring their security auditing process to the surface.
How Stim uses Codacy to achieve high-quality code
We spoke with Tobias Sjösten, Head of Software Engineering at Stim, about how Codacy helps them guarantee code quality and standardization across teams...
How Mobile Premier League (MPL) uses Codacy to improve development efficiency
We spoke with Kumar Pratyush, Staff Developer Experience Engineer at Mobile Premier League (MPL), about how Codacy helps them improve development...
How Green Flag (Direct Line Group) uses Codacy for PCI DSS compliance
We spoke with Kader Kawsar, Heading up Software and Data Engineering at Green Flag (Direct Line Group), about how Codacy helps them comply with PCI DSS...
How Bliss Applications uses Codacy to achieve engineering excellence
We spoke with Nuno Ribeiro, DevOps Team Lead at Bliss Applications, about how Codacy helps them achieve an engineering service of excellence. We also...
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