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Introducing Codacy Security’s AppSec Dashboard

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What good are all these advanced security scans if the results are hard to see? Enter the new AppSec Dashboard, which gives Codacy Security users a single-pane visibility of their AppSec program. 

This new dashboard (part of our Security and risk management dashboard) allows engineering managers to unlock many new insights from using Codacy. It gives you the insights you need to understand the current state of your organization’s security posture and how it changes over time.

It also makes it easy to find and prioritize the most problematic areas or vulnerabilities to tackle and report status and progress to stakeholders.

The top of the dashboard gives you a quick view of your organization.

You can see data like total open security findings, critical security findings, and security findings breaching service level agreement (SLA).

appsec dashboard screenshot 

You’ll also see risk distribution coverage statistics that can be filtered by scan type. 

appsec dashboard screenshot

Graphs make it easy to evaluate your security effort. You can see the progression of security risk over time and how your security posture trends. 

appsec dashboard screenshotappsec dashboard screenshot

The dashboard also makes it incredibly easy for your team to prioritize which issues to focus on first, showing clearly which repos are most at risk and which types of security issues are most prevalent. 

You can also filter the results by repository to focus on particular repositories that you and your team might be responsible for or to get a better look at a single repository experiencing a greater number of security issues. 

Creating reports and sending them to various stakeholders is also easier than ever. You can tweak the findings to show specific data, export a .csv, or send a shareable URL to anyone within the organization you’re reporting to. 

appsec dashboard screenshot

The dashboard also allows you to get a detailed view of specific issues. To do so, head over to the “Findings” tab and click on the issue you want to analyze. 

appsec dashboard screenshot

Check out this video to see a full demo of the AppSec Dashboard in action. 


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