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March 2023 Product Update 🚀

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Hi there 👋,

Here are a few updates from March with very exciting news, so keep on reading!

[Quality] Multiple Organization Coding Standards

We’re excited to announce that our Organization Coding Standards feature in Coday Quality just got better! It’s now effortless and fast for admins to set up 10 tailored code pattern settings, no matter how many repositories you have.

With the current release, you can:

  • Create up to 10 coding standards;
  • Edit previously created standards;
  • Make a coding standard as default;
  • Delete coding standards.

Read all about it here!

Multiple organization coding standards

[Pulse] Automatic incident detection from Jira 

Codacy Pulse now supports a new way to detect incidents directly from Jira! Any Jira ticket labeled “Incident” will be considered an incident, and we’ll calculate the Time to recover and Change failure rate metrics.

Check out our docs to learn how to enable the new setting from your account.

Pulse incidents from Jira

[Webinar Recap] Leading Your Team to Engineering Excellence

We had a webinar with Steve Berczuk, Lead Software Engineer at Riva Health, and Stuart James, Engineering Manager at Codacy. They had an engaging discussion about helping your team achieve engineering excellence.

In case you missed the webinar, don’t worry; you can (re)watch the recording here. Short on time? Check out the highlights from the talk in our blog!

Leading your team to engineering excellence

Careers at Codacy: We’re Hiring 🤩

We’re hiring for our Marketing and Sales Teams. All remote positions – join us from anywhere in Europe and help us do awesome things! Check our current openings.

Interesting reads 

3 popular C# style guides that will help your team write better code ✨

Writing high-quality, readable, and maintainable code in C# is essential for any development team to ensure their code is efficient, effective, and easily maintained. One way to achieve this is by following a C# style guide. We discuss three popular C# style guides to help your team. Read here → 

“Levels of software testing” by David Amrani Hernandez 👨‍💻

“The levels of testing are cataloged by design phases, from requirements planning to pre-production testing. Each phase in the development of tests is associated with a stage of software construction, which is why, although it is not strictly necessary for both phases to work simultaneously, they must do so in constant collaboration.”. Keep reading →

“Programming Principles They Don’t Teach You In School” by Nishant Aanjaney Jalan 🤓

You probably know different formal principles related to programming paradigms. For example, we have abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism in object-oriented programming. But what about general software development principles? Check out the KISS, SOLID, and DRY principles. Learn more →


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