Codacy Coverage

Introducing Codacy Coverage: avoid breaking code by expanding unit tests
We are thrilled to launch our revamped product, Codacy Coverage. Taken from a product feature to a standalone solution, Codacy Coverage aims to help...
Now live: introducing Coverage summary on your Git provider!
You spoke; we listened! We’re very excited to announce you can now see the Coverage summary directly on GitHub as a Pull Request comment!
Take your code coverage to the next level
On October 25th, we did a webinar called Take your code coverage to the next level. A panel of Codacy engineers, managers, and sales leads discussed...
7 best practices for writing great software tests
An important metric of code quality is how much of your codebase is covered by tests, as we saw in a previous article about code coverage. However,...
Why do you need to measure code coverage?
Code coverage is a metric that specifies how much of your codebase is covered by tests. It lets you know which parts of your code are tested and which...
Who should care about code coverage
Code coverage tells us what percentage of our code is covered by tests. There are different code coverage types, and a well-tested codebase is usually...
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