New Research Report - Exploring the 2024 State of Software Quality

Group 370

SAST, DAST, IAST, and RASP: Key Differences and How to Choose

Group 370

Spotlight Whitepaper by IDC on Importance of Automated Code Review Technologies

Group 370

Codacy Quality

java vulnerabilities
11 Common Java Vulnerabilities and How to Avoid Them
Java is a cornerstone of modern software development, powering everything from enterprise-level applications to Android apps and large-scale data...
compliance and security
The Intersection of Compliance and Security in Software Development
It's easy to talk about security posture in software development. Implementing one is another thing entirely. "Security" is such a nebulous concept...
how to write clean code
How To Write Clean Code
When you write code, you shouldn't just focus on making it work. You should also aim to make it readable, understandable, and maintainable for future...
state of software quality 2024 report
Exploring Software Development Challenges and Trends: The State of Software Quality 2024 Report
We’re proud to unveil our first-ever State of Software Quality report. This research report's goal was to uncover challenges and trends that affect...
clean code principles
A Deep Dive Into Clean Code Principles
Consistent coding practices become crucial as software projects grow in complexity, involving multiple contributors and moving parts. Clean code...
legacy codebase
How to Refactor Your Legacy Codebase
The phrase “legacy codebase” conjures up images of decades-old COBOL code that only one old-timer understands.

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