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Codacy Pioneers: A Fellowship Program for Open-Source Creators

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Here at Codacy, we recognize the importance of the open-source software (OSS) community and are dedicated to nurturing and supporting it in any way we can.

Throughout the history of our company and product, OSS has been at the heart of what we do and how we provide value. lifts the whole world and flattens mountains of knowledge disparity.

That’s why we’ve launched Codacy Pioneers—a fellowship program to fund, promote, and mentor innovative and creative OSS projects worldwide.

Supporting builders is part of our DNA. Through our platform, we help hundreds of thousands of developers with software insights. With Pioneers, we wanted to find new ways to help people build the future.

Projects selected to participate in the program will receive a year-long monthly stipend, free access to the tools they need to work, widespread promotion, and mentorship from some of the brightest minds of today’s OSS community.

codacy pioneers mentors

We’ve assembled an incredible roster of open-source superstars to mentor and guide our Pioneers on their journey, including:

With Pioneers, we want to inspire talented builders and tell their stories. We want to remove friction from the process of inventing the future.

Do you have an open-source project you’re incredibly proud of? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

Applications for the Pioneers program are open as of today and close on September 29.

Pioneers will be selected no later than October 16, 2023, via community vote and feedback from program mentors.

To apply for the program, head to our Pioneers page and fill out a quick questionnaire to inform us about your project.

codacy pioneers application open

This type of initiative is very new to us. And while we don’t know what to expect, we know that helping builders is the right thing to do.

Best of luck to all potential Pioneers!


codacy cofounders joao and jaime


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