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New GitLab.com integration improves code quality for a wider audience




We are very excited to announce support for GitLab.com, GitLab’s cloud-based product. Now Codacy can improve code quality for a larger, diverse user spectrum regardless of Git source control and repository management tool. Moreover, this additional repository support helps create an ideal DevOps workflow to meet code quality standardization needs. These benefits apply to DevOps teams, large enterprises and open source contributors, from individual developers to team managers.

Since 2016 we have supported GitLab Enterprise on our self-hosted platform. Over time, however, GitLab’s cloud product gained popularity so now we include GitLab.com among our supported version control systems. This list also includes GitHub and Bitbucket for which we have long provided integrations. Now users of any of these three platforms can automate code quality with Codacy.

Why are we introducing GitLab.com support now?

Developer market shift on version control systems adoption

Today, an increasing number of developers are choosing GitLab instead of (or in addition to) GitHub and Bitbucket for version control. In fact, according to the most recent (2019) Jetbrains’ State of Developer Ecosystem survey of nearly 7000 developers, 36% use GitLab. This makes it the number two most popular version control tool (GitHub takes first place). 

GitLab gains traction among version control tools (GitHub, Bitbucket)
GitLab ranks the #2 version control tool in 2019 just behind GitHub (Bitbucket ranks #3)

Enterprise focus

Our new GitLab cloud integration aligns with Codacy’s Enterprise focus. Some of the world’s largest, most successful enterprises now use GitLab. For instance, it facilitates and simplifies DevOps workflows for Fortune 500 companies like Goldman Sachs. Other brand name users include the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (responsible for Kubernetes), Expedia, NASA and Ticketmaster according to the customer list on GitLab’s website. 

Customer feedback

Customer feedback is the third reason we decided to prioritize GitLab.com support. This includes individual users telling us that “Codacy was very helpful and supportive writing proper code. Only GitLab support in the Cloud version is missing.” 

Enterprise customers also shared that they needed GitLab.com integration in order to ensure full adoption of Codacy for all of their teams. For instance, one user from a large cloud software company wrote “…Team of 100+ developers moving to GitLab.com and I would like to have Codacy’s support for it.” 

How can you improve your workflow with GitLab & Codacy?

GitLab’s comprehensive coverage of all stages of the DevOps cycle helps it stand out from similar tools. With built-in Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) features, users can seamlessly go from code changes to running a pipeline. This means that product, development, QA (Quality Assurance) and Ops teams can work together concurrently on a project.

GitLab’s emphasis on software quality and testing aligns with Codacy’s mission to provide the best in class solution to standardize and understand code quality. Even in its roadmap, GitLab includes quality management and software analysis. 

For those already using GitLab quality insights, Codacy is a transformative way to centralize code analysis, code coverage, duplication and code complexity. It also enables users to create rules to enforce standards across multiple projects and teams. Codacy is complementary to GitLab with a fully embedded experience that helps ensure the quality of pull requests being merged and commits. Additional functionalities allow teams to oversee their progress over time, compare projects and fine tune standards.

Using GitLab.com? Share feedback

Reach out to us and let us know how you use GitLab. 

You can also check out our upcoming releases in our product roadmap and tell us what is important to you. 

To start using Codacy with GitLab go to codacy.com and sign up with your GitLab.com account.


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