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Introducing Codacy Coverage: avoid breaking code by expanding unit tests

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We are thrilled to launch our revamped product, Codacy Coverage. Taken from a product feature to a standalone solution, Codacy Coverage aims to help developers code fearlessly by ensuring their code is properly tested so they can avoid breaking changes.

The problem we are solving

The tech industry constantly battles with the fear of breaking code, unexpected bugs and insufficient test coverage – an issue that often slows down development velocity and increases code debt. Codacy Coverage is our answer to these challenges. When you know your code is properly tested, you have the freedom to develop without fear. Codacy Coverage offers a robust system to monitor, maintain, and improve test coverage that combines developer-first user experiences.

Maintain and expand unit test coverage

Keeping tabs on your code test coverage is one thing, but expanding it or maintaining it at a high level is what truly builds strong, resilient software. Codacy Coverage helps you enforce minimum test coverage for new Pull Requests with testing targets, ensuring every piece of contributed code meets your high standards. Further, our repository dashboard provides an overview of test coverage evolution for the last 90 days, giving you a clear view of progress.

Refactor legacy code with best practices

Codacy Coverage is not just for monitoring new code. It serves as an essential tool for refactoring legacy code too. The Diff Coverage metric and targets allow you to improve legacy codebases’ test coverage without feeling overwhelmed. Every change pushes you further ahead, ensuring steady, manageable improvements over time.

Track unit test coverage for the entire organization

A distinctive feature of Codacy Coverage is its ability to track code coverage across the entire organization. With an organization dashboard that integrates all your repositories in a single view, it simplifies monitoring and analysis. Moreover, it supports over 40 languages and frameworks and offers flawless integration with any CI/CD tool in your arsenal.

Seamless integration into developer’s Git workflows

In the dynamic world of software development, having a tool that works harmoniously within existing developer workflows is pivotal. That’s why we’ve designed Codacy Coverage to adapt, rather than disrupt by being integrated with top Git providers including GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. You can access metrics directly from your Git platform, bypassing the need to switch between tools and platforms.

How to set up

Codacy Coverage works intuitively, allowing you to track test coverage for your projects across more than 40 languages and frameworks. It offers a comprehensive, line-by-line view of the lines covered by your unit tests, bringing visibility and control across your entire organization.

To start, simply sign up with your Git provider, integrate your CI/CD pipeline, set your test coverage targets, and you’re good to go. It’s designed to not just meet your coding needs, but also to make the journey enjoyable and easy.

Start exploring Codacy Coverage today. Sign up to start your free trial and transform the way you code. Codacy Coverage is here to power your development team with the best in code coverage solutions. Code fearlessly, embrace unit testing, and watch your development processes soar.


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