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Try Out Our New Coverage Pipeline Featuring Diff Coverage

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Timely and constructive feedback in the pull request (PR) flow is essential to maintaining code quality and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Without effective feedback mechanisms in place, the PR process can become a bottleneck, hindering the swift delivery of new features and bug fixes.

We’ve updated our Coverage pipeline to deliver reliable coverage results on your pull requests much faster. To see how it works, users can opt-in to our new Diff Coverage check.

coverage report new engine

How It Helps You

This feature adds a new report to your PRs that shows whether your diff coverage is up to standards based on the quality gate rules you’ve set for your repository. If the coverage doesn’t meet your standards, you can block merging pull requests until they are.

You can try the new Diff Coverage check by enabling it on the repository settings (GitHub only for now).

coverage pipeline diff coverage beta

The diff coverage of a PR is the percentage of coverable lines that the pull request added or modified that are covered by tests. This makes it easy for your team to see which new or updated lines need to be tested before they’re merged.

How It Works

To set up Diff Coverage and try the new check, you can follow the instructions found in this earlier blog post or check out this quick video:


The improvement of our Coverage pipeline is an ongoing process that we’re incredibly excited about. Our plan is to continue migrating our Coverage features to rely on the new pipeline, so we can deliver detailed, reliable, and fast coverage feedback to your PRs.

To learn more about this feature and a slew of other improvements we’ve recently made to the platform, check out the recording of our most recent Product Showcase:



If your team is looking for a tool that makes it easy to improve code coverage and quality, give Codacy a 14-day free test drive to see what the platform can do for you.


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