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SAST, DAST, IAST, and RASP: Key Differences and How to Choose

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November Product Update 🚀

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Hi there 👋,

Season’s greetings from your friends at Codacy! We hope that your holidays run as smoothly as your software.

Here are a few updates from November with exciting news, so keep on reading!

Unity support is now live

We’re excited to announce that Codacy Quality now supports Unity through client-side tools integration! You can send Unity Roslyn Analyzers’ results to Codacy and get reports on issues on your C# projects that use the Unity framework.

To learn how to configure it, read the full announcement in our blog (spoiler: it’s very simple 😉)!

Unity Roslyn Analyzers - Code patterns configuration
Unity Roslyn Analyzers – Code patterns configuration

Repository settings of branches

As you probably know, Codacy Quality automatically analyzes your repository’s default branch and supports analyzing multiple branches. We have made some UI changes to improve your overall performance.

What does it mean to you?

  • The last updated branches are at the top, giving you faster access;
  • You can now search branches, so you can quickly find the ones you are looking for;
  • A simplified UI for better and more intuitive navigation!

If you have any questions about branch configuration, check out our docs.

Managing branches
Managing branches

Better visibility on coverage errors

We know: our coverage errors needed better visibility. To improve your experience, our team has been working hard to give you more granularity on the errors so you can troubleshoot any problems with coverage configuration.

Some of the improvements include:

  • Coverage messages in Repository Dashboard: we have a new message for repositories with coverage problems in recent commits. You will have a link to check the coverage settings page.
  • Coverage report status feedback: we have a new Final report not sent status.
  • How to fix issues: the Status column of the coverage reports list now includes direct links to troubleshooting instructions when there are coverage errors.
Final report not sent
New status Final report not sent

Careers at Codacy: We’re Hiring 🤩

We’re hiring for our Engineering (Backend, Frontend, Full Stack), Product, Customer Success, Sales, Support, and Design Teams. All remote positions – join us from anywhere in Europe and help us do awesome things! Check our current openings.

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“Get a strategic vision of your technical debt” by Michel Domenjoud 😎

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We are more than 550 members in our community! 🚀

Your support and feedback are very important to us, and we look forward to keep growing and learning with you. Thank you all 🙌 👫

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