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November Product Update 🚀

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Hi there 👋,

Can you believe we are almost in 2022? But there is still time: use the days we still have to make your best code yet! ✨

Here you have the exciting product updates from November.

Organizational coding standard: Beta version is now live 🙌

Admins can now set an organization coding standard in Codacy! With this new feature, it will be much easier to define and manage coding patterns in multiple repositories simultaneously. Check out the blog article with real use-cases, including an explainer video from Harry from our Success Team.

Keep in mind that in the current beta version you can only create one coding standard per organization, but we’ll add the ability to create multiple coding standards soon.

Create a coding standard at Codacy

New tool: Spectral is available 🤓

We just released a new tool! A subset of Spectral is now available from your tools list, adding a new set of functions to help create custom rules in your code. And it gets better: you can also add a configuration file! Check out the list of all supported languages and tools.

Spectral tool

Leave a note when providing feedback on documentation ✍️ 

Our docs are here to help you. But sometimes things are obvious to us – because we looked at them so many times – but they’re not so obvious for everyone else… So now you can send us your feedback about the docs directly from the documentation page! Help us continue to improve the docs, to serve you better 🚀

Feedback on documentation page

Have you tried Pulse yet? 😍

Pulse is currently in an Open Beta! We’d love for you to try it (no-commitment), and let us know what you think. Our mission is to support the continuous improvement of your engineering teams with data-driven insights on how to deliver quality faster.

Pulse Dashboard

Careers at Codacy: We’re Hiring 🤩

We’re hiring for our Engineering (Backend, Frontend, QA, SRE), Customer Sucess, Sales, and Product Teams. All remote positions – join us from anywhere in Europe and help us do awesome things! Check our current openings.

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“Strategies For Small, Focused Pull Requests” by Steve Hicks 👨‍💻

How can you do smaller and focused pull requests, when you’re building a large feature? Steve Hicks gives some advice on how you can achieve it. Read the post →

“Product-Led Growth: The New Paradigm in Software Selling” by James Wood 📖

“Product-led growth, or PLG, is a term you’ve probably heard a lot about recently – but what is it? The first things that probably come to mind are “freemium,” “free trial,” or “self-service selling,” and those are definitely important elements of the PLG toolkit – but PLG is also much broader.” Keep reading here →


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Your support and feedback are very important to us, and we look forward to keep growing and learning with you. Thank you all 🙌 👫

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