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Spring tech events with Codacy: Coverage & what's next

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Although many Spring tech events are being canceled or turning virtual due to coronavirus we are fortunate to have already participated in some this year. Check out what you missed and read what else we (hopefully) have in store. Most importantly, don’t forget to take proper precautions so that we can meet you at an event soon!

Spring tech events coverage – What you missed

Kubernetes cloud native meetup

Recently our engineer Bruno Ferreira gave a talk for the Kubernetes Cloud Native group at their first meetup of the year (called “#3 – k8s”). His presentation, “A Kubernetes Odyssey” discussed Codacy’s experience transitioning to Kubernetes for cloud infrastructure. It dovetailed from an “Applied k8s Security” talk before it. Nearly 100 people RSVPed for the event at grow.inc rooftop in Lisbon, Portugal. Those that missed Bruno’s presentation can download it below.

Our engineer Bruno giving his “Kubernetes Odyssey” talk at Kubernetes Cloud Native Meetup, “#3 – k8s”

Triangle modern web meetup

We joined the tech community from the “Research Triangle ” region of North Carolina (the area anchored by Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill) to be part of the Triangle Modern Web February meetup. The event was also the first of the year for Modern Web’s meetup group, an organization which hosts podcasts and events to explore web frameworks, standards and techniques. Other notable partners included GDG (Google Developer Group) Triangle, TriangleJS, Triangle Node.js, Triangle ReactJS and Triangle Ruby. The evening featured talks by co-founders and other leaders including “CSS Is Awesome” and “Fostering The DevOps Culture.” More than 100 RSVPed. 

Advanced software mastermind

We recently sponsored Advanced Software Mastermind, a two day conference in March filled with workshops and speaker sessions covering a range of topics on modern, advanced software development. Speakers included Directors of Engineering, Technical Leads and Solutions Architects discussing topics like microservices, domain driven design and more. Though we sponsored the Lisbon, Portugal event, Advanced Software Masterminds is a global series with additional events in Baltimore and Washington DC this year. Other Lisbon partners and sponsors included Farfetch, onfido, Sky and Portuguese Women in Tech.

Advanced Software Masterminds Event
Group photo at Advanced Software Mastermind conference in Lisbon, Portugal including our Head of Engineering, Guilherme, and his team (Bruno, Francisco and Pedro C.)

Upcoming spring tech conferences

Speaking at Scala swarm conference

In June our technical lead, Andrea Peruffo, will give a talk at Scala Swarm, a two day conference part of five days of activities in Porto, Portugal. He will give a talk, “The Measure of Your Software,” to more than 200 Scala developer attendees. The session will focus on understanding the value of running automated tools on the code base. It will cover items like LoC (lines of code), code coverage, style violations and cyclomatic complexity. Andrea will emphasize code manageability, best practices and bug detection before production when running code review tools.

In addition to Andrea’s talk, the event includes workshops, hackathons, networking and more. To check out some material from Andrea beforehand, read some of his blog posts.

For some Scala learnings in Porto beforehand, our engineer Daniel Reigada will give a talk – “Hitchhiker’s Guide To Scala Applications On Kubernetes” – at the 2nd Scala Meetup Porto on March 18.

And some bad news…

While we initially teamed up with organizations including Sentry and CircleCI to sponsor “GitHub Satellite 2020: Beyond Code” a two day event in Paris in May (where more than 800 developers were expected) it’s turned into a digital event due to COVID-19. While we unfortunately will not see you there, we look forward to meeting many attendees at GitHub’s flagship event, GitHub Universe, this November in San Francisco, California. We are among the event sponsors so stop by to catch a demo and receive some free t-shirts and swag. 

Stay tuned

This list is just a sample of past events and what we have in store. Assuming everyone is healthy, we plan to do many more, including meetups and smaller events this year.

Don’t hesitate to email us (marketing@codacy.com) with collaboration ideas. We hope to see you soon!


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