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Why Automating Enterprise Code Review Is Vital

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Automated enterprise code review tools are key to standardize and scale your organization.  As long as humans keep coding, they won’t be safe from making mistakes every now and then.  Performing only manual code review is not sufficient. It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo developer, doing all the heavy lifting by yourself, or if you’re working for a corporation with massive software development teams — everybody can profit from automated enterprise code reviews.

In talking to the people using Codacy, we’ve found some of the folks getting the most value out of it work in large enterprises. Teams at Adobe, Paypal and many other large companies are already using the tool to put their development cycle on the fast lane. Today we’re sharing some of the reasons why it’s a smart idea for large companies to implement automated code review, and why Codacy is the perfect fit for them.

Why enterprises should care about automated code review

Doing proper code reviews is vital to maintaining a clean codebase and shipping efficient, high-quality code. Because doing it manually can quickly become a tedious and time-draining job, automated code reviews can save you and your team heaps of time and a lot of headaches.

Save precious development time

First and foremost, Codacy automatically and continuously analyses your code, making it effortless to spot security concerns and code style violations. It also checks if your code uses best practices and gives a practical, actionable overview of code coverage and other metrics. This can save you and your team a lot of time, especially when it’s being applied across a large organisation.

Helicopter view quality tracking

When you’re working with a large number of developers, multiple teams and a host of different stakeholders, nothing is more important than seeing how your code is evolving and if anything can be optimised. Our powerful tools make it easy to keep track of code quality, giving you a quick overview of code evolution and actionable advice on how to make it even better.

No need to adjust your workflow

Chances are you’re already working with lots of tools on a daily basis, and it would take a lot of effort to change those across the board — that’s why we’ve built Codacy to effortlessly work with your existing workflow. We’re fully integrated with Github Enterprise, Bitbucket Server and Gitlab, so you can get started right away. On top of that we offer integrations with other third-party apps, like Slack, JIRA, HipChat, YouTrack, Heroku and more.

Powerful automated code review for enterprise

With Codacy for enterprise, you get all the powerful features of Codacy, but adjusted to fit an enterprise environment.

On-premise version

We know how important security is for large enterprises. If you’re building world-class products for a large audience, you want your code to be in a safe place, and not accessible to anyone else but your people. That’s why our enterprise version offers a way for you to run Codacy in a highly secure environment — your own server, behind your own firewall. There’s no need to share your code with the cloud version of Codacy anymore — instead, you can keep it behind closed doors and use your own local version.

Continuously updated

We supply regular updates to the product, adding new features and improving the experience. Receiving and installing them is effortless — it only takes a single click and doesn’t require any maintenance or effort. For added security you can disable internet access after updating, as it’s not required for running the service, this way, you can minimise the chances of someone getting access to your code.

Incredible support

When something goes wrong, you need answers quick — especially when you work in a high-stakes environment where every second counts. Our enterprise product is backed by our stellar Support Team, which is always available for any questions you might have — from show-stopping bugs to smaller issues.

Multi-language support

The bigger your company, the more code languages are being used across different projects. Codacy easily adapts, as we officially support Static Analysis, Code Duplication, Code Complexity, and Test Coverage for a large variety of programming languages — from Java to C#. Additionally, our community has created experimental support for languages like CoffeeScript and Swift, further extending our coverage.

Enterprise-ready user management

When you’re building something within a large company structure, often lots of people need access to the tools you’re using. Codacy makes this a breeze — it’s easy to import users, projects and organisations from GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab.

Get started with Codacy today

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to get on board with Codacy for Enterprise. Static code analysis is vital to make sure your codebase is performing well, identify vulnerabilities quickly and ship high-quality code. The best way to experience Codacy is to try it yourself — so why not sign up for a free trial today?



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