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How 47 Degrees saves 2 hours a day in Code Reviews

Introducing 47 Degrees

47 Degrees is a global consulting firm focused on Scala, Akka, the Play Framework and Spark. They’re Lightbend and Databricks certified partners and they also have experts in Android and iOS.

Check out some of their projects.

They do custom projects for their clients and help many of these companies migrate from Java and other languages to Scala and adopt the new tools that come with this technology.

It is also relevant to mention that they are very active members of the Scala community; they organize several events and attend and speak at many others.

47 Degrees recently joined the Scala Center Advisory Board, where it will be represented by its co-founder and CTO: Raúl Raja.

We spoke with Raúl. (more…)

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Codacy integrates with GitLab

Codacy + Gitlab

In addition to our cloud SaaS product, we also offer an on-premises solution that our clients can install on their infrastructure behind a firewall. As we are seeing more and more companies adopting GitLab, we are happy to announce today that Codacy’s Enterprise version now integrates with GitLab.

integration with GitLab

After you enable this integration in your account you’ll be able to add repos with one click; private repositories are added with a unique private deployment key (to avoid key reusage).

This adds support for Merge Requests (each Merge Request is updated with a status once the analysis has finished), post-commit hooks (for faster analysis) and auto-comments (on the issue line).

The auto-comments integration in GitLab enables engineering team to directly get feedback in GitLab. Get new security, code style issues or best practices issues directly into your GitLab pull-request.

Interested in learning more on how Codacy can help you and your engineering team ship better code faster? Get in touch now!

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Codacy integrates with Checkstyle

Checkstyle is one of the best and most comprehensive static analysis tools for Java code.
We’re happy to announce that Checkstyle rules are now supported on Codacy (and since Checkstyle was already using Codacy, it is now a bi-lateral relationship).
Some of the rules were already in Codacy, but a lot weren’t; this brings Codacy’s Java patterns up to 379, covering code style, compatibility, error-proneness, performance, security and unused code.
Codacy also checks for duplication of Java code and you can add coverage to your repo.
Since there are several coding styles for Java, we currently don’t enforce any of them, so none of these patterns are currently enabled by default; we’ll be adding a few bundles so you can select some sets of rules.


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LX Scala

If you know Codacy, you know we use Scala a lot ourselves.
Together with 47 Degrees, and with the thought of giving back to the community we set up to organize a conference on Scala targeted at the Scala communities in Portugal, Spain and UK.
Introducing LX Scala:

On April 9th a group of 100+ attendees will gather in sunny Lisbon to attend the very first LX Scala.
11 speakers have already been announced and so have the first few sponsors; the schedule will be up soon.
Save the date, get your ticket and see you in Lisbon!

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