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Group 370
clean code principles
A Deep Dive Into Clean Code Principles
Consistent coding practices become crucial as software projects grow in complexity, involving multiple contributors and moving parts. Clean code...
Evolving DevSecOps to Protect Against New Threats Associated with AI and ML
It’s genuinely hard to overstate AI's effect on software security. Even taking away AGI and the paperclip problem, AI opens up so many new vectors for...
SAST vs. DAST: A Detailed Comparison
2023 research by Statista reports that over 3,000 data breaches occurred that year alone. As security threats increase, development teams must find...
legacy codebase
How to Transform Your Legacy Codebase
The phrase “legacy codebase” conjures up images of decades-old COBOL code that only one old-timer understands.
The EU Cyber Resilience Act: A Complete Guide 
Safeguarding against cyber threats has become paramount for all businesses today, especially software development companies. According to our 2024...
codacy pioneers
Fear is the Open Source Killer
Our Codacy Pioneers program is not just about supporting incredible open-source software (OSS) creators. It’s also about amplifying their voices and...

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