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Spotlight Whitepaper by IDC on Importance of Automated Code Review Technologies

Group 370

Rafael C.

Now Available. Centralized view of security issues & risk within Codacy
Codacy is empowering engineering teams to bring their security auditing process to the surface.
How to determine your goals and metrics to adopt a data-informed culture
When you are thinking about your Engineering analytics, some common questions might cross your mind:
How Loft uses Pulse to measure Engineering health
Customer story about how Loft uses Pulse to measure Engineering health. Estimated reading time: 5 minutes.
Pulse October Update: All teams aboard 🚢
In October 2021, we’ve shipped a new set of features to pulse.codacy.com designed to help your team stay on course on their journey to Elite...
Introducing Pulse to help companies achieve elite engineering performance
At Codacy, we envision a future where everyone can impact the world by crafting complex software with confidence and focus at the speed of thought. In...
Enhanced security for C++, Java, and Scala with Clang-Tidy and SpotBugs
As part of our effort to continue expanding our language support, we are excited to announce the support of two new tools for all Codacy users:...
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