Codacy Product Showcase: April 2024

Group 370

Codacy Security Adds Thousands of New SAST Rules With Semgrep Integration

Group 370


clean code
What Is Clean Code? A Guide to Principles and Best Practices
Writing code is like giving a speech. If you use too many big words, you confuse your audience. Define every word, and you end up putting your audience...
The Economics of Code Quality
Poor code quality costs money. This may sound obvious when explicitly stated, but how often this gets forgotten is incredible. Part of this is just the...
technical debt and code quality
The Inverse of Technical Debt Is Code Quality
In mathematics, the inverse of an operation or function is another operation or function that "undoes" the first. In simpler terms, it takes the output...
what is code coverage?
Code Coverage: A Complete Guide
Building software is similar to building a skyscraper. It’s a meticulous process that demands precision, foresight, and attention to detail. Imagine...
code review best practices
Code Reviews in Large-Scale Projects: Best Practices for Managers
Code review in large teams and projects is daunting. Almost everything is against you: you have many developers and a lot of code spread over a large...
pull request best practices
Pull Request Best Practices
Developers are often so focused on writing code that they take other parts of the development process for granted; parts that, if upgraded, could...

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