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2020, It’s a wrap! 🎊

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Looking back at 2020, it has been a year of change and innovation for Codacy. We became fully remote and will continue to be, we introduced offline days, developed our Codacy CLI, and brought a new product to market, Pulse! 

We wanted to share a bit of that excitement with you, with the highlights of our year in review, and what to expect in 2021. Plus, we wanted to bring you the most popular reads this year.

Main highlights of the year 🎉

codacy analysis cli

Introduced the Codacy Analysis CLI to run Codacy code locally.

You can have your code quality results locally and receive feedback earlier.

We added new tools and improved support for languages 🚀

We released Aligncheck, Clang-Tidy, Deadcode, Faux Pas, Gosec, SpotBugs, and Staticcheck, which run as Client side tools.

We also improved our support for Go with Revive, C# with SonarC#, Kotlin with Detekt and jscpd, Duplication for Typescrypt, Visual Basic with SonarVB. Check out our list of supported languages and tools.

Improvements to the Organization and Repository dashboards 🎉

These releases not only brought usability improvements, but organizations with many repositories noticed a significant improvement in performance.

Enhanced integration with GitHub 🙌

GitHub Code Scanning support

This feature enables to see Codacy’s results with GitHub Code Scanning. It now allows users to have security results found by Codacy on their GitHub Repositories.

GitHub Checks Integration

We’ve released an improved GitHub integration with the support for Checks. This enables to view detailed build output from status checks and rerun failed checks.

We are now on version 3.2.0 of Codacy Self-hosted ✔️

Product enhancements, Tools versions updates, Bug fixes; you can stay updated and upgrade Codacy to the latest version by following the release notes, in our very recent Codacy documentation site. 🤩

Most Interesting reads of the year

Improve the efficiency of your remote team 🌎

COVID-19 hit the ground running and the world felt the impact. Although tech companies seemed to be ahead of the curve by allowing their teams to work remotely, transitioning to full remote overnight was not easy. Here are some tips →

Why we implemented Offline days at Codacy 🔕

This was an initiative carried out this year, aimed at positively impact our team’s mental health and productivity. Learn more about offline days →

Pair programming and why we do it 👨‍💻

We explored the concept and uncovered how all of our Product teams gathered to brainstorm about this technique and the advantages we came up with. Find out more about the benefits of Pairing →

Migrating to React: Typed named routes in react-router and Typescript

The first article of a series, where we’ll try to share our experiences and learnings throughout the course of migrating Codacy to React. Read the first part of the story → 

Top 6 items for your code review checklist ✅

At Codacy we set high standards, and care about the quality of the code we produce. Below are my top 6 items for your code review checklist, including best practices, code review tools, communication tips, and more. Explore the checklist →

What to expect in 2021 😎

The new year is just around the corner, and we can’t wait for it to start! We have just launched our new product, Pulse – Get Early Access Here.

Guide your engineering to elite performance pulse

Pulse monitors the health of your engineering performance and provides actions to improve it. We have now started to onboard our waiting list, and are still allowing everyone to sign up. We’re in beta, read our story here. 👨‍💻

codacy product roadmap

We’re constantly updating our Product Roadmap to bring new and exciting features ✨

To provide visibility, we’re continuously updating our Product Roadmap. You can check what we are working on, see what’s next, and provide feedback on what’s most important for you and your team! Your feedback matters 💪

Thank you for being on this journey with us. We wish you a relaxing end of the year, and hope 2021 is a positive year for all. Cheers to the new year and all the great things to come! 🥳


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