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June Product Update: Bulk copy of patterns, new tools, and more. 🚀

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Hi there 👋,

If you don’t receive our monthly newsletter, here’s another chance to see what we’ve been up to during June. This month we bring you new features, product improvements, and more interesting news to come. 🤩

Bulk copy of patterns between repositories – Released 🙌

You can now copy tool and pattern configurations in bulk between your repositories to help you bootstrap and standardize the coding standards in your organization. 

For example, when adding new repositories on Codacy, you can copy the tool and pattern configurations from an existing repository that’s already configured and then tweak and adapt the settings for your new repositories. Learn more on our docs page

Dashboard with the new feature – bulk copy of patterns between repositories

We’ve just released a new tool – Markdownlint 🚀 

We’ve added markdownlint! It will soon replace remarklint on Codacy. So go ahead and enable markdownlint in your repos, as you’ll benefit from better analysis and from super quick 1-click commit fixes right on your PR if you’re using GitHub. Check our docs for more information.

New markdownlint analysis

Coverage for Go 🎉

Codacy now calculates all metrics for Go programming language, adding support for coverage! A new tool, gocyclo, has been added, which calculates cyclomatic complexities of functions in Go source code. For more information regarding this update, see our list of supported languages and tools.

Is our process efficient? How are code reviews contributing to your Lead time? 👨‍💻

We are combining the quality insights you already have from Codacy with the productivity insights you need.

Pulse focuses on the quality of your team practices and gives you high-level visibility of your organization’s performance and the quality of your Engineering practices.

Pulse is currently in an Open Beta!
We’d love for you to try it (no-commitment), and let us know what you think.

News & What’s to come

Standardize patterns across multiple repositories 💻

Now that you’re able to copy patterns from one repository to another, we’re extending this functionality on an organizational level so that you can easily apply patterns to multiple repos at the same time.

This will help you ensure, quickly and easily, the standardization of code patterns across your repositories. 

Below is a sneak peek 👇 we’d love to get your feedback here → 

Careers at Codacy: We’re Hiring 🤩

We’re hiring for our Engineering (Backend, Frontend, QA, SRE), Product, and Marketing Teams (remote positions – join us from anywhere in Europe and help us do awesome things)! 
Check our current openings.

Interesting reads 

“A tale of four metrics” 📖 

Read the story of a startup that used the DORA framework to improve engineering practices while doubling its teams. 
Read the post →

“Automate your Code Quality with Codacy”, by Website Planet 

Our CEO Jaime Jorge was interviewed by Website Planet 🎙️ . In this interview, he shares the details about the creation and development of the company and the plans for future development. 
Check it out →

“How to code review in a Pull Request” 👨‍💻

Read how to code review within a pull request to achieve higher code quality with static analysis – before code is run. 
Find out more on our blog →

“7 drawbacks of linting tools” 🧑‍💻

While integrating these tools into your workflow is largely beneficial, some drawbacks exist which may not make them the best choice for long-term or more sophisticated software development. 
Learn more →


We are now more than 200 members in our community! 🚀

Your support and feedback are essential to us, and we look forward to keep growing and learning with you. Thank you all 🙌 👫

Give feedback on our Roadmap

We’d like to continue sharing our roadmap with you. ✨ You can see what’s in progress and what’s up next. You can also submit an idea/feature request and vote on what is most important! Your feedback matters 💪

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And that’s all! 😅

We really hope you find value in everything we are doing because that’s what motivates us to keep working every single day. Feel free to comment or reach out in the chat. We are here for you!


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