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Pulse October Update: All teams aboard 🚒




Hello there πŸ‘‹,

This month, we’ve shipped a new set of features in our new product Pulse, designed to help your team stay on course on their journey to Elite performance.

Share dashboards with teammates 🀝

Make sure everyone on your team has visibility over their metrics. Share the Pulse dashboards with your entire team by enabling the feature “Joining via email domain” on the Organization members page.

This is the most convenient way of ensuring that all the members of your company have access to the Pulse dashboards. When this option is enabled, anyone who signs up to Pulse using an email address from your company automatically joins your Pulse organization.


New team filters β˜‘οΈ

When using the dashboards, now you’ll also have the possibility to view data for one or more teams.

If you are using the CLI for pushing data, you’ll need to adjust the data you are sending; check the updated documentation for the details on the new team parameter. If you are using the GitHub integration, no configuration is required as we’ve automatically imported your GitHub teams.

Just like the existing filters, the new filters remember the selected values between visits to the app.

Pulse filters

Smarter filters 😎

For dashboards with a lot of systems or teams, it can be hard to know what entities have data when you are filtering the dashboards.

To address that, the UI now disables the selection of options that wouldn’t affect the dashboards because they wouldn’t add any data point to the already selected filters. For example, these cues let you know which teams have data for the selected systems and vice-versa.

Pulse smart filters

Becoming data-driven

A tale of four metrics πŸ“Š

Read the story of a startup who used the DORA framework to improve engineering practices while doubling its team. Read post β†’

The dark side of productivity metrics πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

Avoid misuses of productivity metrics when introducing them for the first time. Join our community and be part of the discussion β†’

Sign up to Pulse to connect with your GitHub organization and start making informed decisions πŸ™Œ


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