Codacy Security

What Is DevSecOps? Shift Security Left in Your DevOps Lifecycle
Security is a critical component of modern software development. With continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices in software...
Codacy Vulnerability Scanning Now Includes Insecure Dependencies Detection
As recently announced during our latest Product Showcase, our team is invested in developing new and exciting Codacy security features.
A Deep Dive into Static Code Analysis Tools
Static code analysis is a crucial aspect of modern software development. At its core, it involves examining the source code of a program to identify...
We Analyzed AI-Generated Code: Here's What You Should Know
Artificial intelligence (AI) coding tools offer a huge productivity boost to developers. The ability to write the logic you need in natural language...
Now Available. Centralized view of security issues & risk within Codacy
Codacy is empowering engineering teams to bring their security auditing process to the surface.
Actionable fixes for everyone. AI now generally available for all Codacy Quality customers
We are excited to announce the general availability of Codacy AI, designed to enhance development workflows and improve overall code quality. This...
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