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Codacy Security

software supply chain security
Software Supply Chain Security Explained
Software product delivery relies on a combination of proprietary code, third-party libraries, external web APIs, code repositories, and cloud...
devsecops tools
A Guide to DevSecOps Tools
It’s easy to talk about shifting security left. The idea that you want to bake any security concepts directly into the software development lifecycle...
OWASP dependency check
A Deep Dive Into OWASP Dependency-Check
Modern software heavily relies on open-source libraries and tools. GitHub reports that over 90% of modern applications leverage them to accelerate...
shift left security
Shift Left Security: A Complete Guide 
The speed at which software development companies deliver their products has become a paramount differentiator. Amidst the rush to deploy cutting-edge...
into the breach
Into the Breach: Business Survival in the Age of Accelerating Cyber Threats
We spend around $215 billion per year on cybersecurity between vendors, practices, and tools, and this has been increasing.
dynamic application security testing (DAST)
Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST): A Complete Guide
According to research by Statista, over 353 million individuals were impacted by data breaches and leaks in 2023 alone. Many of these breaches stem...
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