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May Product Update: Repository list, performance improvements, UX improvements, and more 🚀




Here are the product updates from May! This month we bring you new features, product improvements, and more interesting news to come. 🤩

We also always share our public product roadmap so you can check the features and updates that are in progress and the ones that will be coming out soon, as well as vote on the most important ones for you!

Guide developers on Codacy’s usage 🙌

Users are now guided through the available configuration options and the most relevant Codacy features, to make sure they know how to use Codacy to its full potential!

After the analysis, this phase covers the following tours:

  • Adding an organization / Organizations
  • Adding a repository
  • Code patterns (inside a Repository)

Add a summary to your merge request on GitLab 🎉

From now on, users can turn on the merge request summary comments in Codacy when using GitLab. This feature shows the overall changes in the merge request, including new issues and metrics such as complexity and duplication. This will also be available in the next Self-Hosted release. Learn more in our docs.

gitlab pull request

Repository List performance improvements 💪

We identified that organizations with a very high number of repositories didn’t have a satisfactory experience when using the repository list. Because of this, we made some changes to improve the loading times for these customers.
With this optimization, we now provide a much better experience when performing searches, as well as when entering Codacy.

Codacy Self-hosted v4.0.1 🚀

We’ve released new versions of Codacy Self-hosted – v4.0.0 and v4.0.1.

✅ Product enhancements: Improved the loading time of the repositories list page, and Codacy now allows configuring who is allowed to manage file extensions and branches.
✅ Tool version updates
✅ Bug fixes

How long does it take for your team to engage with a code review? 👨‍💻

We have been working on a set of dashboards to combine the quality insights you already have, with productivity insights you need.Discover how long it takes your team to interact with pull requests, and how long it takes to merge after they are approved with new metrics.pulseIdentify which work items are about to become or have become blockers and may need an action to move forward by following each open pull request. Follow a high-level view of the current work in progress of your teams, grouped by phase.Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 10.28.42Pulse is currently in an Open Beta!
We’d love for you to try it (no commitment), and let us know what you think.

Try for free


News & What’s to come

Standardize patterns across multiple repositories 💻

Now that you’re able to copy patterns from one repository to another, we’re extending this functionality on an organizational level, so that you can easily apply patterns to multiple repos at the same time.

This will help you ensure, in a quick and easy way, the standardization of code patterns across your repositories.

Below is a sneak peek 👇 we’d love to get your feedback here →

apply patterns to multiple repos

Add markdownLint with 1-click commit suggested fixes 🚀

We’re going to add markdownlint as the default tool for Markdown, replacing RemarkLint. This will allow you to benefit from the 1-click commit automatic fixes on GitHub!

Careers at Codacy: We’re Hiring 🤩

We’re hiring for our Product and Engineering Teams (remote positions – join us from anywhere in Europe)! Check our current openings.

Interesting reads

“A tale of four metrics” 📖

Read the story of a startup that used the DORA framework to improve engineering practices while doubling its teams. Read the post and be part of the discussion in our community →

“PostgreSQL: How to update large tables” 🖥️

Updating tables in PostgreSQL can be complicated particularly when adding columns to a table with hundreds of millions of rows. Learn more →


We are now more than 175 members in our community! 👫
Your support and feedback are very important to us, and we look forward to keep growing and learning with you. Thank you all 🙌

Help others on the community forum and you could be a Codacy MVP! ⚡

Join the Community Here

We’re constantly updating our Product Roadmap to bring new and exciting features ✨ give us feedback!

We’d like to continue sharing our updated product roadmap with you ✨ You can see what we are working on, and what’s up next. You can also submit an idea/feature request and vote on what is most important! Your feedback matters 💪 See what’s next →

Thank you for being on this journey with us. There will be more fresh news coming up – Stay tuned! 😊


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