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Group 370

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Group 370

Spotlight Whitepaper by IDC on Importance of Automated Code Review Technologies

Group 370
Scala Static Analysis Tool Review
In the past we reviewed what is static code analysis and made a deep dive into static code analysis tools and now is the time to review Scala static...
My first 45 days at Codacy
My name is Ricardo and I recently joined a tech startup, Codacy. This is the story of my first 45 days there.
“Too many open files” exception: how to fix the bug
“Too many open files” exception is a component Codacy started displaying from time to time. This was one of the hardest bug we’ve had to face to date,...
Code Reviews: Best Practices
Because code reviews are a great tool to achieve higher quality code in a software development project, we will provide an overview and discuss best...
Tricity Scala Meetup With Codacy
We attended the Tricity Scala Users Group scala meetup recently where I did a short presentation about Codacy’s project structure and architecture....
Docker Tutorial: Dockerizing Scala
Prerequisites A working docker installation (boot2docker is fine)

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